We have paired #188 Cattleya with a beautiful waterfront wedding. The Cattleya dress has  removable sleeves that feature delicate lace kissing the neckline, sleeve, and shoulder of the bride. A very modern and dainty Swarovski crystal belt alluringly singes at the waist and falls into a beautiful, intricately laced A-line skirt. This dress is so intricately detailed that we thought that this dress would look great alongside a waterfront venue like the Hammond Castle in Massachusetts. Having very muted cool tones of blues, grays, greens, and pops of coral would help accent the Cattleya dress. Pairing this dress with a nautical theme would be a great pairing as well. Let us know how you would pair this stunning dress and where you would hold your wedding! Make sure to follow us on our social medias to hear the latest news!