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Posted on 08/28/2016

Diem 1

Diem is such a beautiful gown with intricate detailing that we wanted it to be featured and become our dress of the week! Diem is from our 2017 Spring collection that features imperial crepe and guipure lace. The bodice is lightly fitted, the back featuring an exquisite keyhole back and a victorian inspired lace train. The train is what gives the Diem gown an extra wow factor. Brides looking for a fit and flare gown, this dress is for you!

Here are some stunning shots of our Diem gown:



Posted on 08/24/2016

192 2

Our new Spring 2017 collection is soon to be revealed! We wanted to give you a sneak peek into what our Aime Couture team has been working on for you. One of the many perks of this spring collection is that we have created dresses that give you 2 looks in 1. You can wear look #1  during the ceremony and wear look #2 for your reception. Your guest will be thinking that you have purchased 2 wedding dresses but in reality it’s just 1! What more can you ask for?

Our #192 dress has a sheer lace corset bodice that adds a spicy detail to this unique dress. It comes with a removable tulle skirt adorned in beautiful lace stitching adding impeccable detail and volume that’ll have people amazed while you walk down the aisle.

Here is our 2 in 1 dress and they ways you can wear it:




Posted on 08/17/2016

Cupcakes, churros, candy, ice cream, cotton candy & more! We have put together some of the tastiest treats that we could find (not including cake) to give you inspiration on how to cure your guests sweet tooth! b

Strawberries & Chocolate:

Combining both is such a delicious treat that you can do no wrong when pairing these two together. For your guest who aren’t big fans of chocolate, you can substitute it with rice krispies or other fruits like the examples above. Cake pops are very trendy right now so these alternatives will be great as a wedding treat.



Such a great treat to substitute a cake. You can order multiple flavors or just two to serve to your guest.


& to top it all off the best way to display your treats are in tiers. Here are just a few more ideas on some tasty treats to have on your big day!


Posted on 08/10/2016

On your wedding day you want your hair to look on point! A great way to achieve this is testing out different hairstyles to see which fit you best. To gain inspiration on looks that you want to achieve, check out Pinterest and Tumblr  and show them to your hairstylist. These are some of our favorite looks!

b copy

Don’t want to wear your hair down but want to keep braids incorporated into your look? Check these two hairstyles out. These two also incorporate curls so if your done wearing your hair up you can let your hair down and have beautiful beachy waves to wear the rest of the night!



Posted on 07/27/2016


We are back with another wedding playlist! For this playlist we wanted to mix some great well known throwbacks with a bit of modern twist. There’s pop, rock, rap & alternative genres mixed into this great playlist. Expect to hear a bit of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Run D.M.C and many more great artists! Let us know which songs are your favorite on our social media accounts.

Check it out down below:



Posted on 07/20/2016


What more is there to ask for a fairytale wedding that makes you feel like a princess in an enchanted forest? Today’s post is for the bride whose style is boho fairy chic. Keeping a neutral color palette with muted colors will help achieve this theme. Draping, dream catchers, & hanging flowers/petals adds a great pop of color. These are great DIY’s & affordable decorations as well. We’ve put together inspiration pictures to help you achieve a fairyland feel on that special day.

Some of our favorites:



TRENDING: Naked Wedding Cakes

Posted on 07/17/2016


Cakes are one of the important staple pieces in a wedding. Wedding cakes come in many shapes and sizes, but our favorite cake trend of the season is the naked cake. Naked cakes are stripped down versions of traditionally ornate wedding cakes, exposing the cake beneath the outer layers of icing. Naked cakes can be made with varying shades of cake mix and can use shades of icing that complement the wedding color palette.The deconstructed layers are perfect for a rustic/boho wedding.

Here are some of our faves:




Posted on 07/03/2016


Everybody loves a bit of mint in their life whether it’s the color of their room, nail polish, or furniture. That is why mint is one of most popular colors used in weddings. In our minty fresh color palette we included gray’s, yellow, and a dark mossy green. We have put together some wedding cake inspiration using our minty fresh color palette.


These first three cakes have the white icing and green as its accent color. Adding different colored succulents to the cake helps add some pop to it. You can also keep it very minimalistic like the cake on the left and adorn with olive colored leaves.


These cakes are examples of using yellow as complimentary color with the green/mint color palette. You can keep it simple like the cakes on the left and middle. Again different tones of green succulents and leaves are being used on the cake on the right.


These last three cakes are beautiful. We have the cake on the left that contains mint colored leaves with pastel pink flowers with navy accent color. The one in the middle used different sized/textured succulents to give dimension and movement. The cake on the right uses a bit of robins egg blue, mint, purple, pastel pink and shades of green. Using a variety of sized flowers compliments your cake.


Posted on 06/29/2016


In a previous post we had created a “Purple Rain” color theme. Today we bring you flower bouquet inspiration that contains colors from our color theme.



These first 3 bouquets primary color is purple. They contain different shades of pink for accents which is a great way to tone down a dark purple. Adding pastels, like mint, cream, and nude toned flowers adds more life to the arrangement. Some great purple flowers that could be used are Western Aster, Purple Coneflower, Bearded Iris, Lavender, Obedient Plant, Purple Dahlias, Foxglove and Japanese Chrysanthemums.


These next 3 bouquets have peach/pink tones as the primary color and the purple as an accent color. These bouquets would look gorgeous in a pastel color themed wedding. A couple of examples of pastel toned flowers are English Roses, Cosmos, Peony, Hydrangea, Tulip and Sweet Pea’s.


Posted on 06/26/2016

Keeping your guests entertained from the beginning to the end of your special day is a difficult thing to do. Today we give you some inspiration on ways to keep your guests involved throughout the day! b

First idea is black chalk board wall. With this you and guests can take pictures in front of it during the reception using it as a photo booth backdrop. You can add props for some bit more fun and decorate the chalk board wall with the date of your wedding and even a hashtag to be tagged on social media.


After saying your “I Do’s” what better way to walk down the aisle as spouses than having confetti, wand streamers or bubbles! These items can make it feel like you’re in a movie! Have your guests pick them up or place them underneath their seats so that they’re ready for when they announce you as spouses.


Once it’s time for you to head off after the big day, a great way to be sent off is by, sending lanterns into the night sky, running through sparklers or glow sticks with the love of your life. It will be a magical night to remember!



While guests arrive these three ideas are great ways to remember loved ones who came to witness and celebrate your wedding day. First idea is to have ink for guests to leave their thumb prints, something quick and fast for them to do.  Second is to have a polaroid camera for them to take a picture of themselves before entering. And third is to have them sign their name on a heart and drop it into a shadow box. These 3 ways can help you keep track on who arrived so that later it is easier for you to send out thank you cards.

Make sure to check out our Pinterest to get more inspired for your special day!