In our last blog post we had put together wedding theme palettes. Today we wanted to show you how you can incorporate our Pretty In Pink color palette into your bouquet. We have 3 different similar color toned bouquets that can work for any bride looking to use flowers in the pink family. Every bride needs their special bouquet on their wedding day! We have put together pictures for you to gain some inspiration for your special day!

The bouquet on the left is perfect for the bride who wants to use all shades of pinks with vibrant pops of coral and burgundy. This is perfect for the bride that wants their bouquet to make a statement while walking down the aisle. Adding greenery helps tie in all the shades together.

Our bouquet in the middle is great for a very natural bohemian wedding. There are more pastel/muted pinks and oranges being used to catch your guests attention. Using  blue green helps add to the natural effortless look.

And on our far right we have burgundy being the main accent color, adding peach and mauve toned roses to not take away from the dark flowers. This bouquet would match with a romantic sultry themed wedding and making burgundy your focal color!